1 to 1 English lessons online

“It has been more than two years since our kids started learning English form Lydia, she has always been the perfect English teacher for my kids, form her teaching style to the fun and interactive contents in class, My kids used to be English-phobic but with the help of Lydia, they have found their passion in learning English. Her classes teach more than just English but also on habits and cultures in English speaking nations. We will not hesitate to recommend Lydia to any parents for their kid’s English lessons.” – A recommendation from the mother of ten year old twins in Hong Kong.

english online

1 to 1 online Lessons via Skype are available – with a qualified and experienced teacher and lawyer.

For children of all ages and levels – designed around your child and their needs. I teach complete beginners if the child is able to read their own language. I provide homework (if wanted).

For adults – a choice of:  Conversational English, General English, Business English, Legal English, English for Human Resources.


Price (by Paypal invoice)

Initial trial 20 minute lesson – no charge.

5 lesson package:

Children’s English, Conversational English, General English – £85  (5 x 45 minute lessons)

Business English, Legal English, English for Human Resources – £115  (5 x 45 minute lessons )

Please email for more information: englishlanguagehomestayscotland@yahoo.com

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