Feedback from homestay guests

Coline (Age 12, France):”I thank you so mutch for all you learnt to me and all the time you spent to learn me english. I really liked to go to school and to walk in the countryside. I really enjoyed to watch films and cook (even if I am bad at cooking!) with you.  You were an excellent host family and I spent two very good weeks with you! Thank you for all!”

Katharina (adult, Germany, General English):“I definitely enjoyed my homestay experience with Lydia and her daughter Naomi.  Both made me feel like part of the family while including my preferred activities / my choice of activities.  Lessons were tailored to my chosen focus as well as my needs.  Lydia employed various activities to keep my interest and to challenge my competence.  So I know what aspects to concentrate on when I’m home / in the future.”

Hugo (Age 12, Germany): “I am so happy to stay here. It’s so different from Cologne with all the beautiful nature. Crieff is a very nice town.  It has beautiful walks along the river and the high hills. Crieff has also a big park with a large river. When you go farther down the river you can swim in it. You are doing so nice things with the family. We were in Edinburgh and it was so great. Everybody is so kind.”
Marie (Age 13, France):“J’ai passé un super séjour en Ecosse. Vous avez été très accueillantes et j’ai beaucoup amélioré mon anglais durant ces deux semaines. J’ai adoré les différentes sorties que l’on a faites (les châteaux, la piscine, les balades dans la nature et la découverte d’Edimbourg). J’ai aussi beaucoup aimé participer au spectacle de CATS où je me suis fait de nouvelles amies.  Au début, j’étais un peu timide et j’avais peur car j’étais loin de chez moi et ne comprenais pas bien tout ce que vous me disiez. Mais Helena et Naomi ont été super gentilles et je me suis beaucoup amusée.  Je suis très contente d’avoir passé ces deux semaines chez vous.”

Elisa (Age 17, France): Une première expérience très positive d’un séjour linguistique dans une famille écossaise. Excellent accueil, de nombreuses activités, des cours de qualité et de magnifiques souvenirs de ballades .

Ruben and Christina (Adults, Spain, General English):  “They’re a friendly family who live in the nice and relaxed small city of Crieff. They proposed activities for practicing English and outdoors activities to see the landscapes and tourist attraction”.

Marie (Adult, France, General English): “Spending a week at Lydia’s was a good experience. First of all, the English lessons were totally adapted to my level, with different topics and exercises, and also many ideas to go on improving my english myself back in France.  But I also found her very available to make me discover each afternoon the beauty of the area.  Visiting Edimburg, walking in the hills, discovering Stirling’s castle… gives me hope to come back again in Scotland.  All day long, the discoveries with Lydia made me know more about Scotland and UK everyday life people and activity of the country.”

Hugo (Age 17, France): “Cette semaine était cool, j’ai pu visiter plein de monuments, les paysages etaient magnifiques. Rien à dire, j’ai adoré. ”

Ainhoa (Adult with children aged 8 and 4, Spain, family homestay, with general and child English): “Nice and interesting conversations plus amazing landscapes make the perfect mix for a great experience abroad. Very recommendable for families who want to improve their English skills at the same time they enjoy middle Scotland and learn about its culture.”

Amalia (Adult with child aged 15, Spain, family homestay, with child English): “Lydia ha mostrado interés en enseñarnos su país y su lengua. Nos ha llevado a muchas excursiones y ha programado actividades interesantes para el aprendizaje del inglés. Su familia es encantadora.”

Silvia (Adult with child aged 13, Italy, family homestay, with general English): “My daughter (13yo) and me were accepted into their daily routine as a member of their family.the lessons were dynamic and funny. We had a very good time there even more than what we expected.recommend.”

Matis (Age 14, France): “Notre fils Matis a passé un séjour très agréable. Il est rentré satisfait renouvellera l’expérience avec plaisir!”

Zainab (Adult, Oman, general English):

السلام عليكم
أسمي زينب من سلطنة عمان ولقد سكنت لمدة ٤ أسابيع مع هذه العائلة الرائعة المكونة من أم وأبنتيها،المكان جدا جميل في الريف الأسكوتلندي في قرية أسمها كريف،لقد أخذت دروس اضافيه لمدة ساعتين يوميا، لاداعي للذهاب لأي معهد، فالسيدة ليديا تقوم بتعليمي والمحادثه معها طول يومي، نجهز الأفطار سويا، ونطبخ الغداء وبعدها نخرج للمشي يوميا ونستكشف اسكوتلند الجميلة،وآخر الليل نشاهد فيلما، تطورت لغتي الأنجليزية وبالتحديد الأستماع والقراءة،ايضا لديهم مكتبة وكنت أقرأ الكتب الموجودة،المنزل قريب من السوق ،فقط ١٠دقائق،حيث يمكنك أكل الحلال من المطعم والتسوق،شعرت وكأنني بين عائلتي، العائلة جدا لطيفة ولم يأخبروني بأي قواعد او ضوابط منزليه وغيرها مما اشعرني بالراحة التامه في المنزل، بخصوص السعر فقد يشعر البعض انه مكلف ولكن السعر يشمل الأفطار،الغداء،العشاء، التنقل بالسياره،التحدث اليومي،حيث ان الآنسه ليديا متقاعدة ومتفرغه للحديث مع زوارها،عكس العوائل الاخرى. استمتعت كثيرا واتمنى العودة لهم مجددا..تحياتي
Raphael (Age 12, France):  “lydia is very nice and sympathic, she likes children and take time”
Marie (Adult with child aged 10, France, family homestay with child and business English): “Thank you for everything! We had a very pleasant stay at Crieff. The area is beautiful for walks, sightseeing (castle, distillery, …), Edinburgh…
The lessons with Lydia are very interestings, the house is nice, we feel like home!
We recommend this trip.”
“Merci pour tout! Nous avons passé un très agréable séjour à Crieff. La région est magnifique pour les balades, les visites touristiques (chateau, distillerie, …), Edimbourg… Les cours avec Lydia sont très intèressants, la maison est agréable et on se sent comme chez soi! Nous vous recommandons ce voyage.”
Katayoun and Behzad (Adults with child aged 9, Sweden, family homestay with child, adult general and business English):
“This homestay is absolutely recommended.
Our family experienced a really enjoyable “Language Homestay” during a week in Scotland. We had a nice Easter holiday thanks to Lydia and her kind family.
We found the General English lessons well planed. The Business English lessons were very useful and fulfilled our expectations. My son enjoyed his English lessons as well. Thank you again Lydia for your kindness, all the lessons and all nice trips. We wish that it could be repeated.”
Petra (Adult with child aged 12, Germany, family homestay with adult and child general English):
We enjoyed our stay very much, esp. the evenings when we were playing games with the family or when we joined local activities. The atmosphere was very friendly and we could speak a lot of english.
Maite and Ruben (Adults with 2 children aged 3 and 6, family homestay with general English): “My husband, 2 kids and I spent 1 week at Lydia’s lovely house. We really enjoyed our stay. Nice garden with games We could practice the language at almost all times and got immersed in their culture.”
Aurora and Angustina (Adults with child aged 15, family homestay):
“Nuestra estancia con Lydia y su familia ha sido muy buena. Los lugares a los que Lydia nos llevó eran espectaculares. Lydia es muy amable, educada y culta con muchas ideas divertidas y entretenidas.”
Alysia (Age 15, Italy):
“Lydia and her 2 daughters are very friendly family. My daughter was very happy to spend 3 weeks with them. She improved the communication skill and she enjoyed the outdoor activities. Thanks”