Why learn English in Scotland?

Are you learning English for work or for travel? Is your child learning English for school exams or because they need it for university or to improve their career prospects?

Whatever your reason for wanting to improve your English or for helping your child to improve theirs, an immersion holiday is the fastest and most fun way of making progress.

You can stay with our family and speak English with us for several hours a day, and have as many expert 1:1 English lessons as you need with a qualified and experienced teacher. English lessons focus on what you want to achieve, and aim to be fun and to help you communicate confidently.

You can stay with us on your own, can send your teenager to us or can visit us as a family with children of any age. You can enjoy family activities with us, such as baking, making sushi, painting, board games or cards, badminton and table tennis.

But there’s more to a homestay English language holiday than this. We offer accompanied trips to some very beautiful and interesting places.

If you like beauty and history, Scotland is an excellent choice. We live in the Scottish Highlands, surrounded by wonderful countryside, castles, whisky distilleries and historic cities. We make an effort to introduce you to the local culture, too, depending on what’s on when you visit. Scotland is the most beautiful part of the UK, and its people are well known for their informality and friendliness.

I hope you can visit us soon – if you have any questions, please just email me. I’m always happy to arrange a phone or Skype call, too.

Here is a photo of some recent visitors with my daughter on one of my favourite walks – just a few kilometres from our home.

english course in scotland

Recent trips

We’ve had a busy couple of months, with visitors from Germany and Israel. We’ve been on a lot of trips, and have talked a lot of English, fitting in plenty of English lessons too.

We went to a great outdoors performance of Oscar Wilde’s “The Importance of Being Earnest”, performed by only 2 actors – very funny. Went round 2 beautiful castles and the lovely Drummond Castle Gardens. Visited our local historic library – the earliest lending library in Scotland. Went to Edinburgh for sight-seeing, shopping and our favourite Japanese restaurant. Visited our local city of Perth with its wonderful view over the river Tay. Admired the three Forth Bridges. Went walking in the hills, around lakes and up mountain streams. Went wild swimming. Played badminton, table tennis, archery, cards and Cluedo. Cooked German Spaetzle (very tasty), Japanese Sushi and several batches of chocolate cookies. Climbed Stirling’s impressive Wallace Monument (in memory of the hero of the Braveheart film).

If you’d like to visit us in Scotland, as an adult, a child or a family, please just send an email or complete the enquiry form. I look forward to hearing from you!

Forth Bridges Boat Trip

We went on an amazing boat trip last week, for a close-up view of the iconic 3 Forth Bridges. We also saw lots of seals, an abbey on an island and a castle on a beach. After some time on the beach, we drove home across the newest bridge, with a great view of the other two.

english course, edinburgh

Springtime walks

We’ve been having amazing weather here in the Highlands of Scotland. Here are some photos from our local walks – all within 30 minutes of home. Scotland is opening up – I hope you will be able to visit us soon!

walk in the highlands of scotland

No more snow!

It’s been a really cold winter, with quite a lot of snow. Lots of snowman building and sledging opportunities. But the snow all melted last week, and the spring flowers are out. We’ve had some lovely walks already. Here are some photos from yesterday’s walk. Plus the sunset above Crieff from the day before yesterday.

We’re accepting bookings for the summer. I understand that this is a difficult time to be making travel reservations – I have amended our cancellation policy to take the Covid situation into account, and am happy to discuss your plans with you – please just email or send an Enquiry Form. I’m also always happy to talk on the phone, on Skype, etc.

Just a few kilometres from Crieff, yesterday
Naomi stretching her legs after too much homework
The sunset above Crieff

Where is your sofa?

I’ve been wondering which word I should teach students for the – well, I call it the sitting room. But not everyone else does.

It turns out that I’m not the only person to have been asking that question. Here are the results of a survey carried out last year. So I won’t be teaching people “sitting room” anymore!

“What do you call the communal room with the TV? Living room – 39% Lounge – 30% Sitting room – 16% Front room – 5% Family room – 4% TV room – 1% Drawing room – 1% Other – 4%.”

Read more: https://metro.co.uk/…/living-room-or-sitting-room-what-yo…/…

Summer flowers and fruit

June and July are wonderful months in Scotland. It’s warm but not too warm. The countryside is green and covered in wild flowers. And you can pick wild fruit wherever you go! This is a photo of the girls frolicking (there’s really no other word for it) in a field of oxeye daisies.

We have so many cherry trees here that I’m naming Crieff 2020’s International Cherry Town. Just a few steps from our front door you can help yourself to as many cherries as you like.

We also have wild raspberries, redcurrants, white currants and gooseberries.

One of our favourite activities is picking strawberries and raspberries at our local “Pick Your Own” fruit farm. And then making ice cream, or, this time, Strawberry Pavlova!

An English language family holiday – Scotland is open for holidays!

Why not stay with our family and take an English course in the beautiful Highlands of Scotland?

We are opening for family language holidays, with activities and sight-seeing, from 15th July. Please contact us for details.

family english course

Scotland now has very few cases of Coronavirus (we are well ahead of England!) and has safety measures in place.

We are currently accepting bookings for family groups only (you will be our only visitors).

We offer English lessons from a qualified and experienced teacher, for adults and children. And the opportunity to explore one of the most beautiful countries in Europe.

Please email us at: englishlanguagehomestayscotland@yahoo.com

family english course, edinburgh

Our little town in the Highlands of Scotland – so much to see and do!

family english course
Hidden high in the hills above Crieff

Crieff is full of surprises. Surrounded by stunning Highland countryside (above) and different but perhaps equally beautiful Lowland countryside (below), you can go on countless lovely walks. But there’s also a lot to do in and around the town itself:

Scotland’s oldest working distillery;

family english course

A glassblowing factory where you can watch expert glass blowers and paint your own piece of glass;

One of the best Highland Games in Scotland;

family english course

One of the most beautiful gardens in Europe, with its own castle;

family english course

All kinds of outdoors pursuits, from horse-riding to segway;

family english course

Stunning bluebell woods;

family english course

A Victorian spa;

Our Arts Centre, featuring Scottish bands;

A beautiful park with walks along the river, lots of fun for children;

Neolithic stone circles on the moors;

family english course

A children’s zoo;

A historic library;

A medieval castle with a history of murder and romance;

family English course

A top international golf resort.

Golf at Gleneagles - a day trip as part of learning English