Can young children go on English language holidays?

family language holiday uk

The answer is, of course, yes they can. Children of any age are welcome on our English language family homestay holidays. As long as they bring one or two parents with them!

If you need to improve your English, but want a family holiday too, this is the perfect way of achieving that. You can have expert one to one English lessons, and so can your primary school age children. We have particular expertise in teaching young children, and use specially designed teaching materials.

If you want to practise your English conversation, you can spend hours a day speaking English with native speakers. At meals, playing family sport and board games, and on trips.

We live in the beautiful Highlands of Scotland. We offer lots of trips. Including walks in the beautiful countryside, to historic Edinburgh, to experience a traditional Scottish Highland Games, to a whisky distillery.

Please just have a look at our website and send us any questions you have. We’d love to see you here in Scotland this summer!

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