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Have you considered a family English course?

This is what a typical day looks like on a family language holiday at English Language Homestay Scotland.

The old tradition of sending teenagers on a language exchange has developed into the language homestay. But it’s not just for teenagers.

If you’d like to spend a family holiday, with a chance for both parents and children to improve their English, you can now all stay in an English speaking family. English lessons are designed around what your family needs, and can be shared at no extra cost.

A family homestay holiday suits families with children of any age. We’ve had guests as young as 3 and 4 – and the 4 year old took some English lessons – and as old as 17. We’ve had families with both parents, and with one. We can accommodate families of up to 5 people.

Do you need to hire a car? If you’re a family of 4 or less, it’s not necessary, though you may of course choose to do so.

One of the great advantages of a homestay holiday is that you’re completely immersed in English. During meals, in the car, while sightseeing or exploring the Highlands, in the garden, in the evening – you can spend half the day just chatting in English. And it’s the best possible way to discover a new culture. You’ll also see some places that tourists don’t see – we’ve lived here for years, and we know the best, the most beautiful and the least touristy places to visit.

A day at our homestay looks something like this:

  • Family breakfast
  • English lessons for children and/or adults. General, business, legal and HR English. Lessons are designed to be fun and encourage confident communication.
  • For guests not taking lessons, there’s plenty to do in town, we have a garden with games, or you can go for a walk in the hills or along the river, or take the children to our excellent local park.
  • Family lunch
  • Trip – trips are chosen with you to suit your family. There are lots of fun places to take young children as well as teenagers – including a Harry Potter tour in Edinburgh, strawberry picking, a children’s zoo, building a fire by the river. Adults enjoy the beautiful Scottish Highlands, ancient castles, historic towns and whisky distillery tour.
  • Family supper
  • A quiz on Scotland. A treasure hunt. A family board game. A family DVD.

A family homestay holiday is designed around your family. If you have any questions – just get in touch. We’d love to have you to stay!

family homestay, scotland
family English course, scotland

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