An English learning holiday as a family – a good idea?

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We run language homestay holidays for children, adults and families. But our family holidays are the most popular. What’s the attraction?

• I want to spend my precious holiday time with the people I care about – my wife/husband and my children.
• Ok, I can manage without my husband for a week or 2 – but my children are definitely coming with me!
• I need to improve my English for work. My children need to improve their English for school.
• If we all go together, I don’t have to worry about the children – I know they’ll be safe and will have a good time.
• My children are too young for a child homestay or language exchange – but they can come on a family homestay with me, and start learning English at the age when it’s easiest to learn (primary school age).
• We’ll be staying with a family. There’ll be lots of opportunity to improve our English outside of lessons – chatting over family meals and on all the trips we’ll go on.
• The lessons are 1 to 1, and will be designed around what each member of our family needs. We can share lessons if we want – it’s the same price for 2 people.
• I can learn business English – designed around my industry and job position.
• My child can learn English at the right level for them. Using fun games, debates, presentations, role plays. Even a complete beginner can make a start. It’s so much more intensive than at school.
• I’ve never been to Scotland. And apparently it’s very beautiful there. Especially the Highlands.
• I’ve always wanted to visit Edinburgh. Now I can.
• My child is obsessed with Harry Potter. He can’t wait to do a Harry Potter tour.
• We can live as part of the family – but I won’t have to do the cooking (unless I really want to…).
• If we want to, we can do activities with the family, like river swimming, badminton, family games, movie night, a local concert.
• We’ll see the beautiful parts of Scotland that tourist buses miss.

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