Our trips – 15 – Whisky Distillery

Whisky distillery - english course, Edinburgh

We’ve visited Crieff’s own Glenturret Whisky Distillery – which claims to be the oldest whisky distillery in Scotland. And there are a lot of them – 109!

Whisky has another name – which is simply Scotch.

To be classed as Scotch Whisky, it must be produced in Scotland and matured in oak casks for a minimum of 3 years. Its 4 ingredients – water, malt, yeast and peat – are refined through fermentation, distillation and finally maturation. Each step having a subtle impact on the overall taste.

So why not try our local whisky – with a guided tour of the distillery, including a whisky tasting.

I can’t show you any internal photos – taking a photo in that environment could cause a fire – but here are some external shots.  The statue of the cat is to commemorate the great Towser – she lived in the distillery for 24 years, catching almost 29,000 mice. She’s the world record holder!

whisky distillery - english course, edinburghwhisky distillery, english course, edinburgh





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