Weekend trip

English homestay - Cairngorms
A view of the Cairngorm Mountains


For adults and families – why not add a weekend trip to your English language holiday with us?

Last weekend we drove north through the impressive Cairngorms National Park.  You can ski there in season.  We stopped off at a beautiful lake, surrounded by mountains.

Then on to Moray.  It’s a beautiful open landscape, with pine forests and wonderful beaches. We saw some ancient relics left by the Picts (over 1000 years ago), and visited some pretty seaside towns, as well as Elgin with its ancient ruined cathedral.

Moray is only 3 hours from Crieff, and the whole drive is through the wild Scottish countryside. As ever in Scotland, the local people are extremely friendly. We saw a very friendly seal too – it swam right up to the beach, and looked us in the eye.english homestay - Moray

english homesay - Moray

english homestay - Moray

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