Aberfeldy Show and Highland Games

highland games, english courseThe Highlands town of Aberfeldy combines a traditional British livestock and produce show in the morning with a Highland Games in the afternoon.

There was a lot of noise – sheep, cows and horses were all competing for prizes. And all kinds of pet dogs were competing in the dog show, with categories such as “cutest dog”.

One large tent was full of flower arrangements, home-grown fruit and veg, home-made cakes, and all sorts of other things, as the locals competed for yet more prizes.

In another tent you could buy craftwork or food. I bought some delicious hot-smoked salmon and a slice of carrot cake.

In the ring, there was the impressive Strong Men competition, which is the highlight of any Highland Games. The men (usually very burly) have to throw a variety of very heavy objects as far or as high as they can.

There were running races for adults and children, Scottish dancing competitions and Tug-of-War.

The final event of the day involved picking up and carrying an incredibly heavy stone. Anyone could have a go.  Plenty who tried couldn’t even lift the stone off the ground, let alone walk with it. The stone was wheeled around in a specially designed wheelbarrow – because no ordinary person could move it any other way.

It was a great day out – so much to see and do, in a town which is already one of our favourite places to visit, surrounded by beautiful Highland scenery.

highland games, english course

highland games, english cousehighland show, english course


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