Spring is finally here. I think.

This has been an unusually long winter, with visits from the “Beast from the East” weather front bringing late snow not only to Scotland, but to much of the UK.  There is a great sledging hill in one of Crieff’s parks, and even I couldn’t resist sledging down it a few times.

Easter day was beautiful, and I took a stunning photo in the sunshine at Crieff’s reservoir.

But we then had yet more snow!

I am fairly confident that we have finally seen the last of it now.  We visited beautiful Loch Tay yesterday.  There was still a little snow on the hills, but Naomi and a visitor from France took the plunge, with a quick swim in the loch. I won’t pretend that the water was warm, and they were very proud of themselves.

There are new born lambs in the fields, and we have found plenty of frogspawn.  Lots of daffodils too.

daffodils, english course in scotland

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