Our trips – 12 – The city of Stirling, including one of Scotland’s most famous castles

Stirling Castle - cours d'anglais en ecosse
Stirling Castle from a distance

The historic City of Stirling is easily reached from our homestay – by car or bus.

Stirling is an ancient capital of Scotland.  As the lowest bridging point of the River Forth, it was a focal point for travel between northern and southern Scotland.  It was said that: “He who holds Stirling, holds Scotland”.  It was the scene of the great battles of Stirling Bridge and of Bannockburn, in which the Scots defeated the English (something that rarely happened, due to the superior resources of the English).

Stirling’s 2 most famous sights both stand on top of dramatic crags.  They are lit up at night – an impressive sight if you are driving past the city.

Stirling Castle  is one of the most interesting castles in Scotland to visit. It was first built in the 1100s, with the remaining buildings mostly dating from the 1400s and 1500s. A very popular castle with Scottish royalty.

Stirling castle, cours d'anglais en ecosse

The castle has beautiful  interiors, and its guides are dressed up in medieval costume.


Stirling castle, celing - cours d'anglais en Ecosse
The Stirling Heads’ ceiling – depicting famous people of the day
Another fabulous ceiling

stirling castle tapestry, cours d'anglais en Ecosse

A Stirling Head, Stirling Castle - cours d'anglais en Ecosse
A Stirling Head















The castle boasts 7 new tapestries, depicting a successful unicorn hunt.  A recent project which took 13 years to complete.

Fun facts:

  1. The oldest football in the world was found in the Palace at Stirling Castle.
  2. The remains of a medieval knight were discovered beneath the kitchen. He was killed during a siege in the 1300s.
  3. In 1507, one of James IV’s courtiers attempted to fly from the castle. He leapt from the battlements with chicken feathers stuck to his arms.  He landed in a dung heap (very smelly!).

The castle isn’t Stirling’s only famous visitor attraction. See also:

The Wallace Monument – learn about the great warrior William Wallace, while climbing 246 steps to the top of this tower – amazing views.

Wallace Monument - a day trip as part of learning English

This is also a good place to go shopping, eat out, go to the cinema or to a concert, etc.


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