Our trips – 11 – Highland Games

highland games

highland gameshighland games










The Crieff Highland Gathering is my absolute favourite Scottish day out.

There are other Highland Games, and we go to some of those too, in recognition of the fact that not everyone can make it to the Crieff Highland Gathering.  But Crieff does it best! Admittedly, some of the other Highland Games take place in the grounds of beautiful castles, which is an added attraction.

A Highland Games combines a lot of fun things all happening at the same time, usually including:

  • an epic competition between very large strongmen hurling various extremely heavy objects in various interesting different ways while wearing kilts
  • tug-of-war competitions between teams of only slightly smaller strongmen
  • Highland Dancing contests between girls, boys and women in traditional Scottish dress / sailor uniforms – many dancers come all the way from the USA and Canada for the experience
  • athletics and cycling events for adults and children
  • lots of different bagpipe and drumming bands – sometimes including top international music groups
  • a music tent with more modern Scottish music performers
  • Scottish food (try the venison)

highland gameshighland games






In 2018, we have the possibility of Highland Games on the following dates. Those in bold are local or fairly local to us.  Those not in bold are also possible, but we may need to charge you a small additional fee.  Please let us know ahead of time if you would like to go to one of these Highland Games.

  • 26 May (Blackford)
  • 27 May (Blair Castle)
  • 10 June (Glamis Castle, Strathmore)
  • 4 July (Kenmore)
  • 1 August (Killin)
  • 12 August (Scone Palace)
  • 18 August (Stirling)
  • 19 August (Crieff!)
  • 25 August (Birnam)
  • 28 August (Bridge of Allan)
  • 2 September (Blairgowrie)
  • 8 September (Pitlochry)

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