Is Scotland a separate country?

Technically, neither Scotland nor England is a country.  The kingdoms of Scotland and England became one kingdom in 1707 – through the Act of Union.

But the establishment of a Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh in 1997, with important devolved powers, eg over education, healthcare and housing, encouraged a taste for political independence.  Since 2007, the Scottish National Party (SNP) have been the dominant force in the Scottish Parliament.  Their main aspiration is for independence for Scotland.

The 2014 Independence Referendum resulted in a 55% vote for staying in the United Kingdom.  In the 2016 EU Referendum, 62% of Scots voted to stay in the European Union.  Would the decision of the UK Government in London to leave the EU result in a stronger vote for independence if another referendum were held now?  The recent General Election results suggest not.  Many Scots just want the SNP Scottish government to get on with the “day job” of running Scotland, and to stop focusing on Scottish independence.

Wallace Monument - a day trip as part of learning English
The Wallace Monument in Stirling – celebrating military leader William Wallace, who defeated the English in battle. He is a figurehead for supporters of Scottish independence.

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