Does Scotland feel different from England?

I lived in England until last year, so I feel well qualified to answer this question, but obviously with a degree of subjectivity.

Scotland feels a long way away from England.  There is a lot of almost empty countryside to cross, as you drive or take the train between the built-up north of England and Edinburgh or Glasgow.

Living in central Scotland, it feels spacious, uncongested, unpolluted.  It is also green and wild, and the temperatures are significantly lower.  The Scots are noticeably relaxed and friendly, in my view, compared with “down south” (although some parts of England are known for their friendliness too).  Strangers often strike up a conversation.

There are plenty of differences in terms of how the country is run – for example the education system – and there is a slightly different legal system.

Politically, Scotland is traditionally left-wing, with England tending to be more right-leaning.

Rannoch Moor - a day trip as part of learning English
Rannoch Moor – isolated moorland in Highland Perthshire

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